Since I could first hold a pencil, drawing has filled me with passion. Sketchbooks, watercolours, pencils, brushes, markers, paper and pens have always been by my side, whether at home, at school, while travelling or after work. My formal training is in architecture and urban planning, where I achieved a B.Sc at Cornell University in the United States, and later a M.Sc at Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany. Through architecture and planning, I became adept at communicating concepts and solving problems through design.

I also developed valuable skills in facilitation through a community development role in Berlin, where I facilitated community development and participatory processes involving a culturally and economically diverse range of communities and people from across the globe. I have an enviable collection of intercultural communication strategies that I use regularly in my work which helps me relate easily to diverse audiences.

Today, I work closely with all types of organisations throughout Germany and Ireland to share their stories and convey their messages through illustration. Graphic recording and visual facilitation allows me to continue serving diverse groups in the way that comes most naturally to me – through visualisation and drawing.

Why choose to work with me?

As an experienced graphic recorder and visual facilitator, I offer my clients the unique flexibility to create their own visual strategy for their meeting, conference or event. That means if your goals can be better achieved with a mix of approaches, I can deliver a tailored strategy for you. 

I will:

  • listen to you closely to understand your needs and goals

  • add immeasurable value by helping you achieve engagement, buy-in and empowerment

  • help you solve problems in a fun and empowering way , and

  • visualise your journey and align your team in the process


I am bilingual (a fluent English and German speaker) which gives you flexibility and reach across multiple sites, teams and locations. I am also highly professional, reliable, innovative, have a great sense of space and colour and importantly, I am fun and easy to work with!


Why not get in touch to see how I can add value to your next meeting, event or project? I would love to hear from you!