Graphic Recording & Visual Facilitation 

Planning a Conference?

Graphic Recording captures event-highlights in an inspiring way:


  1. Material covered by speakers is presented in an integrated way – in one big picture

  2. Tells the story of the event-content visually and engages participants more deeply 

  3. Distills content enabling participants to focus on key aspects. 

Organising a Workshop?

Visual Facilitation is a tool for strategic thinking during meetings and workshops:


  1. Generates higher engagement, focus and efficiency 

  2. Allows your team to follow the meeting flow, as well as agreements and decisions

  3. Visualises underlying patterns and structures creating opportunities for effective solutions to challenges

Visual Facilitation flows hand in hand with the moderators and facilitators running the workshop. The results of processes such as brainstorming, decision making processes and the prioritizing are integrated onto large Wisdom Walls. 

Graphic Facilitation for Bayer Workshop, Berlin, 2019

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