Harness the power of visuals at your next event

Have you been part of a conference or meeting and struggled to remember the content afterwards? Creating a visual record of your content adds value not only at the time, but long after your event has ended!


Graphic recording

  1. tells the story of the event content
  2. enhances participants’ of key messages and themes

  3. engages and empowers your audience through greater clarity

  4. gives your event an extra special “oomph” and

  5. is really fun!

On Location Events

Analog: I  work on large format paper using brightly coloured markers. On average I work on paper formats two to six metres in length and one to two metres high.


Digital: Using an iPad, I illustrate your spoken content at your on-location event. The image can easily projected onto large screens and it is possible for participants see the image emerge as I draw it.  

Online and Remote Events


Virtual events can be equally well documented visually. Using software such as zoom, I can join your event and draw the unfolding conversations live on my iPad. The emerging illustrations are streamed live into your virtual meeting space. Just like on paper, participants can see the drawings emerge and have a record of the content afterwards.

Esther Blodau / Graphic Recording / Visual Facilitation / Illustration / Trainings /

Germany: +49 (0)178 733 3827

Ireland: +353 (0)83 047 3145

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